6 Basics of Promissory Notes

What Is a Promissory Note? When you’re thinking about providing someone with a loan that they can use to get a car or go to college, you might want to think about first creating a promissory note that will act as a kind of legal record for the loan while also making sure that you are properly repaid in the allotted time. Before you use a promissory note template to create one of these notes, you should first know more about a promissory note and what the legality of such a note is.  Breaking Down a Promissory Note Promissory notes are a type of loan agreement or note that states that the borrower of the loan promises to pay back a certain amount of the money by a specific time frame. For instance, the promissory note could state that the borrower agrees to repay a total of $5,000 over a period of four years. While this document is very similar to a basic IOU, it’s considered to be a legally binding document, which means that its terms can be enforced and are expected to be followed.  A…

Can Your Employer Give You a Loan?

Many rules of professional etiquette have changed over theyears.Some things that used to be considered acceptable practice in the office are now taboo. Smoking, for example, used to be commonplace inside most office buildings and even hospitals. Today, virtually every medical center and a large majority of corporate campuses proudly tout their signage indicated asmoke-freeenvironment.  Petty cash, paycheck advances, and other financial options that were available from employers in the past are sometimes still available. Althoughnew federal lawsand local regulations have largely changed the way most people do business, it is still possible to find ways to make a loan to employee from an employer. A few ground rules apply so that the employer is somewhat protected from loss and the employee is given a fair rate of interest or other favorable terms for the loan.  Employment Loan Options Employers have various options when it comes to finding ways to offer assistance to their employees. …

The ABC’s of Fire Extinguishers

What Are Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are used to drench a fire and prevent it from spreading. They are small metal containers that have compressed nitrogen inside. When activated, the fire extinguisher releases a concentrated amount of chemicals that are flame retardant. The History Of Fire Extinguishers While we all know the importance of fire extinguishers in our daily safety, these humble quenchers play a crucial role in our history too. Probably, at one point, you have wondered how fire extinguishers were made and how it becomes a staple in business and homes all over the world. Check out the highlights of how these bright red canisters loaded with potent fire dousing chemicals developed and advanced over the years. 200 B.C.– Ctesibius of Alexandria made a hand pump to put water into fires. It replaced the burdensome method of passing buckets from one person to another to deliver water to the fire. 1600’s– During this era, squirts were crafted. These are like bicycle pump…

5 Reasons Why a Prenup is a Good Idea

Marriage isn’t just a relation that brings two people together, it’s camaraderie of families, and it’s the union of two souls and a bond of their related affairs. Taking care of one another financially and emotionally is what this relation is all about. Sometimes saying ‘I Do’ at the altar doesn’t always suffice the relation and its clauses that you are about to enter therefore you tend to set things straight before you enter this holy matrimony.
Prenuptial Agreement: Prenuptial agreement or the Prenup is an official settlement or the legal and financial affairs of the spouses to be, which dictates the state and division of assets and some personal matters before you officiate the marriage. It is also known as the premarital agreement that defines the fine line of how matters would move along once the wedding has taken place and how much each spouse is entitled to the wealth they are about to share. It also takes care of the financial matters in event of a divorce. It’s not a bad ide…

What is the Difference Between Pledge and Guarantee?

It is often quite confusing what distinguishes between a pledge and a guarantee. By definition to most people both sound the same and are often used interchangeably. This however is wrong because both differ in a wider frame. A pledge is merely a promise to do something. It works as a promissory note but it does not entail binding of any sort whereas a guarantee is binding in nature such as the one which is placed or given on retail goods for example.
Everyday Example: To make things clearer, the following example signifies how a pledge is different from guarantee and what role does binding have in this entire matter. For instance, a bank has taken two approaches to deal with the mortgage on property. The bank usually gives away a written pledge that a person applying for loan after initial investigation would be qualified for a bond worth the amount he is seeking. But this could vary because under no conditions the bank has obligation or has guaranteed a bond to that person. When su…

How Website Owners can Sell Ads Directly to Advertisers?

Internet is a huge money making tool. If you know your game, you are good at it then you will reap millions out of this thing called advertisements on your website. Besides making millions of revenue on your website you can now make generate income separately on by selling ads directly to the advertisers. Usually when you have reached a certain point in your business you are good to start selling advertisements directly to the advertisers.
Prerequisites for Selling: There is no defined number of audiences that you require for taking that step. You do not have to oblige a huge code of business and definition to hit selling your ads because no number is assigned in most cases. You may not always have a large traffic inflow on your website to help you with that but having traffic would definitely mean you are in for luck, you are good to receive good share of income from selling those ads to your desired audience. Some advertisers require you to hit a certain number and viability quotie…

What is a Letter of Competency?

Have you ever noticed how important are competency and strong headedness for any job? It is not just the preliminary interview that requires you to answer competency based questions but even in your career you may be put through situations where you need to qualify as a competent candidate. Competency test or physician's statement of mental competency is a declaration of how competent and sound an individual is when it comes to performing a task of huge responsibility.
Letter of mental competency template would carry a statement from a reputable physician or an institute stating that the persona is able to perform all tasks with a sound mind and he or she qualifies to be a competent individual who has a high likelihood of delivering greats tasks.
Importance of Competency Letter: This does sound a little perplexing at start but once you get a grasp of how it works, you are good to go. Competency letters are important because they are a way to make sure for an organization that emp…