How to Write a Proposal for a Catering Service?

What should be included in your catering contract?A catering proposal letter is used to get a quote of services from catering companies that want to provide you services for an event. The caterer will prepare a letter after the initial meeting with the client to provide a specific price and a general service agreement. This article will go over the different parts of a catering proposal letter.The Cover LetterThe first section of a catering contract or catering proposal letter is the cover letter. This letter will include a summary of the services offered, the name of the event and the date, and the location of the event. It could also contain the minimum guest count if it is required, and a summary of the services the caterer offers.Menu Items & PricesThe second section of the contract for catering services should list the specific menu items and drinks that the client selected at the initial meeting. The charges should also be listed alongside the menu items and drinks. They sho…

5 Software Development Clauses to Include in Your Contracts?

What are some clauses to include in a software development contract?Are you looking to hire someone to help with your software development, but not sure what clauses to include into the contract agreement? Well, there are many important legal measures that should be taken in order to protect both the developer and the client.In this article we will be taking a look at five essential clauses to include into a software development contract.1. Design & DevelopmentWhen it comes to software development, there are many factors that go into the design and development process. The process tends to vary greatly depending on the experience and size of the team involved.For this reason it is important to create a clause in your contract to decide on issues such as: Completion times for the project, software specifications and the extent of the client’s involvement in the development process.2. Installation & IntegrationBefore actually being able the use the software that has been develop…

What are Common Examples of a Business Partnership?

4 Examples Of Legal Business PartnershipsBusiness partnerships are a legal entity that binds multiple business partners for their business. They are both liable and responsible for the business. With this type of legal partnership agreement, both partners share in the profits and losses of the business.Under the terms of the partnership contract, every person contributes something to the business, whether those are ideas, money, or property. Here is a look at some common business partnerships.General PartnershipA general partnership involves multiple owners managing a business. The partners share equal rights and responsibilities in regards to the management of the business. One partner can cause the entire group to become obligated to deal with a certain situation.While this type of partnership can be tough, general partnerships do come with a tax advantage, as all profits are not taxed to the business, but instead are passed through to the partners, who add the gains to their person…

How to Write a Promissory Note for a Personal Family Loan?

What You Should Include in a Promissory NoteA promissory note is a written promise that you will pay someone money if they loan it to you. This document will serve as written evidence of the amount borrowed, the repayment terms and schedule, and any interest if you plan on charging it.To start, you have to decide how much you're going to borrow the person and set up repayment terms.Charging interest is a good idea because if the IRS finds out about your loan, they can impose interest and make you report it as if you earned it as taxable income.Things to Include in Your NoteThere are a few things you must include in any promissory note, and they are listed below.The Amount of the LoanRepayment DatesInterest RateFinal Amount after Interest has Been CalculatedCollateral Hold (If you're going to go the collateral route to ensure the debt is paid back)Terms of Late or Missed Payments and ConsequencesDefault Terms - What Happens if They Don't Pay it BackSignaturesWitness Signatu…

How to File a Mutual Consent Divorce Without a Lawyers Help?

Is a Mutual Consent Divorce for Me?If you have decided to file for mutual consent divorce without the help of a lawyer, there are many important factors to consider.Mutual consent divorce is a “no fault” for absolute divorce and there are certain requirements and criteria you must meet if you plan to take this huge task on by yourself.Many people often choose this option because it is a money saver. However, you must also ask yourself whether you have the time and patience to handle everything that is involved in a divorce proceeding.Determine If You QualifyEach state has different requirements and you should know if you meet them before attempting to file a mutual consent divorce by yourself. You may be able to file yourself if:Your spouse is in full agreement to include custody, support, and division of propertyYou believe the settlement is fair and reasonableIf children are involved, you are comfortable with the arrangement for your children in terms of support and custody (some st…

How to Sign Legal Documents as Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a way of transferring the legal ability to sign documents from one person to another. This need may often become necessary when people become incapacitated or when they are in any other respect unable to sign documents for themselves. A “power of attorney in fact” ensures that only specifically designated individuals can take care of financial papers or other  important matters if it becomes necessary.  Using a power of attorney to sign papers on someone else’s behalf is a serious responsibility with serious ramifications. You should ensure that you understand what the individual wants you to handle before he or she hands over power to sign on their interests.

Reason You Might Need A Power of Attorney
Individuals commonly require the legal power of attorney to sign documents on another person’s behalf for a number of reasons.

· You may need to sign documents for an incapacitated spouse regarding property matters. Some institutions may not deal with a spouse on le…

6 Types of Contracts


*This contract takes place between the buyer and a seller when a credit transaction takes place
*The seller undertakes to deliver the goods.
*The owner remains the buyer of the goods until the full price has been paid (last installment)
*If then buyer misses one installment, the buyer gives one months notice that the installment is due
*If the buyer fails to pay, the seller repossesses the goods and keeps all the installments paid as well


Retailers enter credit agreements and lay-bye contracts with customers
Agreement is done when customers don’t have cash to buy goods
Customers open an account and decides to the option of paying in six months interest free or 12months with interest
The retailer allocates maximum credit limit (amount that the customer cannot exceed when purchasing goods using the card)
The customer undertakes to pay installments regularly at agreed payment dates usually la…