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How to Sign Legal Documents as Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a way of transferring the legal ability to sign documents from one person to another. This need may often become necessary when people become incapacitated or when they are in any other respect unable to sign documents for themselves. A “power of attorney in fact” ensures that only specifically designated individuals can take care of financial papers or other  important matters if it becomes necessary.  Using a power of attorney to sign papers on someone else’s behalf is a serious responsibility with serious ramifications. You should ensure that you understand what the individual wants you to handle before he or she hands over power to sign on their interests.

Reason You Might Need A Power of Attorney
Individuals commonly require the legal power of attorney to sign documents on another person’s behalf for a number of reasons.

· You may need to sign documents for an incapacitated spouse regarding property matters. Some institutions may not deal with a spouse on le…